Shein Slides

So slip-on mules are in style now and Shein has huge assortment of them! I got 2 styles and I am happy with my purchase. They are comfortable and seem like good quality for the price. My husband thinks they are hideous but that’s OK. I like loud colorful shoes, they are perfect for those days you just want to throw on a black tee and jeans.


Black and Gold Loafers

These black and gold shoes remind me of living overseas in Jordan in the 90s. I just love them they feel nostalgic for me. They have an Arabic flair to them.


I styled the black and gold shoes with a ruffled burgundy cardigan that is old from Victoria’s Secret. Oh VS why did you stop selling clothes? I’m wearing Brooke fit Lucky Brand jeans I found at Marshalls, and a soft loose fitting black tee from Express.


Pink Velvet Fur-lined Loafers

These shoes definitely stand out but they are soooo comfortable and warm. I don’t care if it looks like I have hairy feet they are fabulous in my book. Also they happen to be Gucci knockoffs if it makes you feel better.


First I styled them with another patterned top from Aeropostale and these green twill pants from J.Crew. The shirt happened to have little bits of purple that matched perfectly.


The next day I realized my dolman sleeve express top actually matched the shade of purple on the shoes so I paired that with these faded crop black jeans which are also from express.

Here’s a couple more slides that are on my wish list…

Pointed toe flats with Grommet Detail 


Embroidered Detail with Tassel

Flower Print

Flower Embroidery

Tassel Satin

Glitter Gold also comes in silver

Bee Embroidery

Faux-fur Satin comes in other colors

Eyelash Glitter