Mommy Brain

Are your kids inherently loud people? Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the noise I pace around the house aimlessly. I can’t think, I can’t communicate I can’t organize my thoughts. Its usually in the morning. Its fills me with anxiety. I love my children and I feel guilty when I just want them to stop talking. I have a 2 year old daughter and a 6 year old son and they both love to talk in their loudest voices at the same time. They don’t care if I’m listening. My 2 year old especially will repeat herself over and over and over. Sometimes when I acknowledge what she is saying and I repeat it she stops but sometimes it makes it worse.

I thought it was rough with the baby crying buts its just as difficult sometimes when you have these little people yelling every thought that comes to their mind and wanting your full attention. These are the times I just sit down and take it all in and accept that nothing is getting done right now. I slow down and stop worrying about being on time. Sometimes I don’t do this, I just yell at the yellers, but that usually makes it worse. Patience is an ongoing skill that is tested daily. I think I’m getting better. hehe. Thanks for listening.