Leggings for me?

I am not a fan of leggings. I feel naked in them. I feel like you can see everything and the wind goes right through them. I decided to take a chance on a pair because of the athletic trend that looks so cool being paired with non-athletic items. I figured worse case scenario I wear them to yoga or to bed. I was pleasantly surprised! This express pair is thicker than most leggings and so soft. They will definitely be warm enough to wear outside in the winter.


These leggings are also high waisted which I am learning is starting to be more flattering as I get older. It keeps everything in! I wore them with a black tee to Mommy and me gymnastics. I can’t wait to style them with a tunic sweater and a moto jacket. Express always has great sales and coupons but full price they are under $40.

High Waisted Athletic Stripe Leggings