Broken Blood Vessels

It started out as a small mark on my face. It wasn’t noticeable at first. As I got older it spread. With each pregnancy it grew and spider webbed like cracked glass through out my right cheek.

I tried all different types of makeup that covered redness. I would buy lotions for spider veins. I started going to laser spas to get treatment for it. Laser spas usually recommend 6 to 8 treatments at $250 a piece. Its expensive and I usually only did a handful of sessions without seeing any results. Every couple of years I would attempt to tackle this growing mark on my face. Some days I felt self conscious, other days I didn’t care. Strangers would ask me all the time, “What happened to your face?!” Who does that? Ugh. So 2 years ago I made another attempt to get rid of this thing. I spoke with a wonderful doctor at a medical spa who immediately denied using any lasers on it. She told me to see a medical dermatologist. I was impressed by her honesty and took her recommendation. So another year went by and I finally made an appointment. This medical dermatologist told me that her lasers were much more powerful than the ones they use in spas and she could easily get rid of it in 2 to 3 sessions. Great! How much? I asked. $100 per visit. What! That’s incredible. So I went and saw immediate results.

After the first session there was bruising for a week. It had been reduced significantly.

I couldn’t believe how much money I had wasted on these spa grade lasers. I ended up going a total of 4 times and it’s pretty much gone. I had let these blood vessels grow and spread on my face for almost 10 years and it was that simple. I feel like I got my face back.