This past week we went to Oklahoma to visit my husbands grandmother. We had a really great time! There were a lot of sights to see, scenic views with sky for miles, and everyone was so friendly.


We took 2 planes to get there and back. Oklahoma City isn’t a popular airport I guess so there aren’t as many direct flights from Newark. The kids were great little travelers and exceeded our expectations. There were still tantrums and whining but with all the shuffling from plane to plane to car to hotel they were pretty cooperative. My 2 year old had a meltdown when they temporarily took her Minnie mouse at security but other than that it was pretty smooth.


We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites and it was the nicest one we have experienced. The building was newer and everything was so clean. One family traveling tip I always suggest is to spring for a room with a separate living area, that way if the kids fall asleep, you don’t have to whisper in the dark! We also try to book hotels with a pool, its a great way to break up the day for the kids and tire them out. In my experience Holiday Inns are reliably clean and their suites are affordable.

The weather was so interesting it changed so much throughout the day. It got pretty cold at night, low 40’s but during the day it got up to 65 degrees and sunny. It was really windy too.


First day exploring the city: J.Crew sweater and favorite lyric jeans. J.Crew factory flats.

While we visited great grandma we also made some time for a little sight seeing. We took a drive into downtown Oklahoma City and it was really cool. They even had a river walk with gondola rides in the Bricktown section.







Second Day Museum of Osteology: Express tee and camo pants

We also visited America’s only skeleton museum, located in Norman where we were staying. It was very informative and not as spooky as I thought it would be. Great lessons on evolution. They had a little scavenger hunt worksheet for the kids for which they could earn a prize at the end.


Our last touristy stop was North Pole City. Pretty much the best Christmas store I have ever been to! It was absolutely amazing. Floor to ceiling decorations, lights, and moving figurines. They even had a couple little elf houses the children could go into. We have a tradition of getting a Christmas ornament every time we go on a vacation or day trip. They had one Oklahoma one… it was $25. Ha! I didn’t mind, I considered it a donation to their wonderful display.


The most expensive ornament we own… haha.


The trip was short but we squeezed in a lot.


For the plane ride home: J.Crew factory sweater, express jeans, brooks sneakers.


The plane home with a stop in Minneapolis was delayed. We got to the airport around 9 am, to catch a flight at 11… it left at 3. We finally landed in Newark at 1030 pm. so we got home around midnight. It was a long day. Traveling on Thanksgiving eve.


Goodbye Beautiful Oklahoma. See you again.