My Winter Makeup Lately

My summer makeup routine usually consists of sunblock and occasionally mascara if I’m not going to the beach, but I love makeup in the winter! Usually I do eyeliner and mascara or just mascara and a red or burgundy lip. This year I’m changing it up a bit. I found some new favorites that I wanted to share with you. I have been incorporating these products in my daily routine so they are quick and simple additions to freshen up your look.

(last October for a wedding – look how thin my eyebrows are!)

So this whole eyebrow craze is an Arab girls dream. Finally my thick eyebrows are in style! I have been patiently growing them out, it only took a week… hehe. I’m so happy to stop over-tweezing. They have been getting thicker over the years as compared to the 90’s and early 2000’s but now I am not tweezing at all… well only in the middle, HA. Its so nice to finally have ‘your look’ finally become popular and mainstream. No more ‘big bad wolf’. The more natural you let your eyebrows grow, the less maintenance you have on a daily basis. I used to tweeze every other day and there were always stray hairs or eyebrow stubble (hairy girl problems…). They were constantly growing back in so they always looked ‘undone’. Now they are always ON.


I recently picked up the L’Oreal Brow Stylist Kabuki Blender to fill them in while they were growing out and also for a more dramatic look. It comes with a brush so application and blending is easy. The first time I used it my son said I looked like the bad guy from Elmo in Grouchland.

Image result for elmo in grouchland bad guy

HAHAHA! I have learned less is more. A little goes a long way and it can really make you look more done up in regards to a makeup face. I’m not a foundation person but I love eye makeup and the brow pencil is a great addition.


In the past I have always purchased the eyeliner pencils. This one specifically. When I was makeup shopping I saw the L’Oreal Infallible Matte-Matic mechanical eyeliner. I forgot about these! I used to have one and I guess I used it up and never got another. Its SO much easier! Its also great if you want a thinner line for a daytime look. And no pencil shavings!

L'Oréal Paris Infallible 24HR Shadow, Glistening Garnet, 0.12 oz.

Finally I have been getting back into eye shadow lately. I like eye shadow once in awhile but I used to reserve it for a night out. Lately I don’t care anymore, its a fun pop of color in the winter. I put it on a 8 am when I’m getting ready to start the day and bring the kids to school. If I don’t put makeup on before drop off its basically never happening.

Recently I have been inspired by my favorite Dubai blogger Karen Wazen (Instagram @karenwazenb). She’s absolutely gorgeous and she has similar features, big eyes, dark brows, so I like to try out her looks and see what works for me. She rocked a pinkish purple hue on her eyes so I was on the lookout for a similar color.


Normally I do use purple on my eyes but I found the beautiful shade by L’Oreal Infallible 24hr Glistening Garnet, its more of a pinkish blush color. It looks great with everything and it sparkles!

Finally a must have especially if you are experimenting with makeup is these makeup remover wipes. They are great and easy on your eyes. I buy the target brand and they are fine. I still use Vaseline (see post here) to remove my eye makeup afterwards but its great to get most of it off and also to wipe your eyebrows.

One thing I have come to love about Instagram is finding all of these fashion inspirations from around the world. I have found a lot of great Dubai fashion bloggers that are Arab and look like me! Its so refreshing. Growing up in the states I didn’t have access to this beautiful imagery and inspiration that I can now incorporate not only into my style but my self confidence. Positive representation of Arab women in fashion and culture is so inspiring to people like me that live on the other side of the world and don’t have access to the same types of media.

Let me know if any of these products work for you or if you have recently fell in love with a new product you would like to share!