Kesha - Rainbow (Official Album Cover).png

I never thought I would say this but I really love Kesha’s new album Rainbow. Not what you would expect at all. A lot of the album has these great twangy country songs, then a couple of pop songs, and of course her best, Praying. Here’s some of my favorite lines from some of my favorite songs. Kesha you ROCK Thank you!

Bastards – But they won’t break my spirit, I won’t let ’em win
I’ll just keep on living, keep on living, oh
The way I wanna live

Hymn – I know that I’m perfect, even though I’m fucked up

Praying – I’m proud of who I am

Learn to Let Go – Life ain’t always fair but hell is living in resentment. Choose redemption, your happy ending’s up to you

Finding You – I know forever don’t exist
But after this life, I’ll find you in the next

Hunt You Down – I’ve never hurt nobody, never buried a body
Never killed no one, no, no
I ain’t afraid to get a little crazy
Baby, when I’m in love

Spaceship – I’m waiting for my spaceship to come back to me
It’s coming back for me
I don’t really care if you believe it’s coming back for me, yeah

As I’m writing this I remember now that I wrote a similar post when Lady Gaga came out in an old blog I had in college. Ha. But really buy Kesha’s album, its only $9 on Google Play. Its so good.