Winter Bedding


Last week I was in search of a nice winter blanket. Target had a 30% off home sale during cyber week so I went into the store to check out the comforters. The sale was online only so I made a visit to feel the material just to be sure. I was torn between my current velvet/sherpa style and a faux fur material. The faux fur had bad reviews about it getting ruined in the dryer even on the lowest setting so I went with the velvet.


OMG this is the softest blanket I have ever owned! My husband says he feels like he’s in Santa’s sleigh. Haha. We both had a serious problem getting out of bed this morning. Its so amazingly soft. One side is velvet the other side is an even softer sherpa. The snowflake flannel sheets are from Target last year. Here’s a similar option.


After reading the reviews I purchased the King size for my Queen size bed and its such a good idea! The blanket falls nice to the sides and it makes sharing the blanket with your significant other much easier. I’m definitely going to size up on my comforters from now on.


I made these floating night tables myself. There is a vent on one side of the bed which prevents us from covering it. I used $20 wooden crates from the craft store and stained them a cherry mahogany color to match our bed. See post here.

The Solid Velvet Sherpa Comforter Set comes in 6 colors, brown, grey, navy, burgundy, black, and beige. There is a 15% off sale now with the code GUESTPREP but honestly I would have paid full price for this blanket. It is absolutely luxurious.