Surprise Date Night

Last night we had a last minute opportunity for a date night. I had already made stuffed shells for dinner so getting dressed was a little tricky… I was so full! I came across my favorite shirt that I actually have a long history with. This black sheer button down shirt is from the Limited and at least 15 years old. My mother used to own it and then I acquired it. After about five years of never wearing it I donated it. A couple of years later I came across the same shirt at Goodwill, same size so is it the same one? I don’t know I would like to think the thrifting stars aligned and it was meant to be returned to me. This shirt is my favorite go-to date night shirt. Its sheer so its great for a dressy look but its a button down so its flattering and comfortable. I used to wear a lace black bra with it and last night I realized I didn’t have it anymore. I wore a nude bra and it looked fine at home but taking pictures with the flash later I realized it was not so nice. Wearing a black bra with this shirt is definitely the better option.


Here are some black sheer button-down alternatives:


This is a semi-sheer shirt from Express with tie-sleeves!


Here’s a polka dot sheer to add even more interest


I also think a velvet button would work just as well, adding a little shine and texture along with comfort. This one is from Saks off 5th.

There was also a big selection of black sheer button-downs on Poshmark. It’s a great thrifting app that is handy for looking for specific or past styles. Thredup is another website where you can thrift online.

I wore my black suede Colin Stuart thigh high boots over purple jewel toned straight leg corduroys. They were definitely difficult to pull over such textured pants but it was well worth it. Both items are from when Victoria’s Secret used to sell clothes but I found some great alternatives.


Gorgeous Raspberry color from Free People


Purple Corduroys with button-fly from Nordstrom


Similar boot style available at Nordstrom Rack


Aldo Brand also available at Nordstrom Rack


Steve Madden available at Nordstrom

We went to the Watermark on the Asbury Park Boardwalk. Its a great second story lounge with views of the ocean and a fireplace. It was pretty cozy for such a cold night out.


This is when I realized the nude bra under the sheer shirt didn’t photograph well. At least not with the flash.

At the last minute I grabbed my leopard coat and it really made the outfit! I loved all the different textures, it felt very comfy and glamorous at the same time. The coat paired with the boots really kept me warm!


I found this leopard coat at Marshalls for $59.99! The brand is Gallery.


Here is a great alternative from H&M


A cropped version more similar to mine Volcom at Nordstrom

And another great one at Amazon



Happy Holiday Season!