My favorite sweaters… after some wear

Ok So I absolutely love these J.Crew sweaters but washing them is really worrying me! It says hand wash, lay flat to dry but really… who hand washes their clothes? I have been using these mesh laundry bags as recommended by my friend’s blog Dina’s Days, who is a master thrifter by the way! (Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram!) The laundry bags are great, anything that says dry clean, just put in the bag and lay flat to dry and it works! Seriously one of the more useful things I have bought this year, I use them all the time now. The first time I washed these sweaters I used the laundry bags but on a regular cycle with all of my other laundry. The second time I washed them separately on a delicate cycle, I actually filled about 4 laundry bags with sweaters because it has been so cold! Ahhh winter. After I washed them I am noticing a lot of shedding, one area in particular, of course on my favorite colored sweater, it looks worn. Also it looks like there is minor shrinkage after you wash. it just doesn’t lay the same and feels a little shorter in front. These sweaters are still my favorite but wash with caution!


Before and after wash. Below was my Christmas outfit


This was the first time I wore the beige one… definitely longer in the front than the next picture!



My new favorite layering trick: using this sleeveless portofino button down from Express underneath these sweaters. It adds some interest to solid colors without the bulk. It also doubles your wardrobe! I think sleeveless button downs would probably be a good thing to keep an eye out for while thrifting also. The long sleeve portofinos from Express are also so thin and lightweight they would probably pair just as well.


I love these sweaters and the material, its so stretchy and soft, just wash with caution, in a laundry bag on the delicate cycle and lay flat to dry. Also size up if you want it to stay on the cozier side. I feel like maybe I should wash them less and try to wear them

J.Crew V-neck in super soft yarn

J.Crew Turtleneck in super soft yarn

J.Crew please add more colors I’m in love!