NYC Holiday Adventure: WTC1

Over Christmas weekend we went to the World Trade Center One Observatory. Its been a busy couple of weeks so I’m sorry this post is so late but I have been enjoying the holidays! My brother was in the city with his girlfriend for the weekend so we made a trip out of it. I’m so glad we did it it was so fun I have never been to the top of a skyscraper before!


My NYC holiday touristing outfit: Express red fitted crew neck sweater, so comfortable and classic I have 2, one black and one red. My leopard coat from Marshalls, My favorite lyric jeans from J.Crew. Vera Wang boots from Kohls that I purchased last fall and haven’t really worn this year because they are so light. (Here’s a similar option) Turns out they go great with my leopard coat! They are comfortable walking heels.


I finally wore these earrings I bought on sale from J.Crew awhile back. I didn’t post on Instagram because I thought the close up of my ear was a little weird. hehe. But I got these and they were larger in person and I was a little hesitant to wear them but they just went perfect with this outfit and felt festive.


Red and Leopard is my favorite.


Brian & Sully at the entrance

Since we live on the Jersey Shore we have our NYC travel down. We find the closest and cheapest parking to where we want to go on the on the ParkWhiz app. We pay for it on our phone and drive right in. The parking we found near the WTC was $30 and the ticket entry for World Trade Center One Observatory was $36 for each adult and $30 for my 6 year old son, children age 5 and under are free! It took a good 2 hours to do the entire tour, and I would have stayed longer in the observatory but the kids were getting anxious. When you enter you do have to go through something similar to airport security. The elevator to the 102nd floor took only 60 seconds traveling at about 25 mph! We did bring the big jogger stroller for navigating around the city and in the observatory. It wasn’t that much of a hassle. There were 2 escalators where we had to take my daughter out of the stroller and fold it up but it was pretty easy to navigate, even during a big holiday weekend. One thing I did think was a little odd was there was one point at which all the patrons were corralled into this one viewing area where we had to sit through a commercial and they tried to sell us an iPad rental. It was $20 and if you click on any buildings you viewed through the iPad camera, it would tell you the names of each buildings with clickable facts and links. Its a cool idea but we didn’t go for it. Also there are snacks and drinks and lunch options on the top floor. I could have stayed up there all day it was beautiful.


Me and my son Sully ♥



We didn’t forget to grab an ornament! Our traditional souvenir any time we go on a cool trip.


After the tour we were able to walk right to the WTC1 occulus. It looks so cool decorated for the holidays. I didn’t realize it was all connected to a Path station (if your traveling by train) and the oculus is actually a 2-story mall.




♥♥♥ Sully & Sophie ♥♥♥


After a quick walk through the oculus we met up with my husband’s brother and wife and walked right over to the WTC memorial. It was beautiful and humbling.


Since my husbands brother and wife live in the city they took us to this great pizza place, Adrienne’s Pizza Bar. It was walking distance from WTC and it was in this little section of the city with these narrow cobblestone streets. It was a really cool spot.


We had a great time walking there and took some cool family pictures.


All in all it was a hugely successful and stress free trip. I highly recommend it! I have never really explored this part of NY and there were a lot of cool building and churches and little park like areas for stopping and taking pictures. Definitely a must see and a pretty easy trip with kids!