Navy is my new Black

I have had a lot of luck lately with navy as my new black. It started with my favorite bikini from Victoria’s Secret. I was just so sick of that black bikini. Then I started to replace my black coats with navy and its been such a great way to wear color but still wear a dark color.


As much as I would love a soft camel coat or a beautiful white faux fur I have 2 children that have a tendency to grab me with their sticky fingers and wipe their ketchup faces on my stomach. Another nice one is when I pick one up and their muddy feet get wiped off on my hips. Navy is a great dark color that hides kiddie prints and still feels like you’re wearing color.


Last year I purchased my beautiful navy peacoat with gold buttons. The buttons really pop and can be played up as festive for the holidays or as a nautical look for spring.




This year I replaced my tired black columbia puffer with with this extra thick navy puffer from Express. It was during one of their great flash sales so I got it for under $40! I was impressed at how thick it was.


Just the other day I found this luxurious crop velvet navy hoodie from Philosophy at Marshalls. It was only $16.99. They also had black and olive green.


If you follow my blog you than you know that my winter comforter is also navy and velvet, see post here. Maybe I’m getting a little carried away with the navy but I just love the richness and versatility of  the color.

Here’s some other navy pieces I like if your interested in wearing this kid friendly dark.


Navy Wool Coat Mango


Ralph Lauren at Nordstrom


Felted Wool Blend Coat from H&M




Navy Teddie Jacket from Shein – Only $25!


Packable Down from Amazon


Long Patagonia Puffer from Nordstrom


Cute rain jacket on Amazon


This long navy crotchet duster is elegant and stylish

And of course … some shoes


Tommy Hilfiger Mavrick


Linea Paolo Velvet Booties


Allie Faux Fur Lined Sneaker Boot

Now is a good time to buy – everything is on sale from winter

Maybe next year I will invest in a red coat… ♥♥♥