18 Middle Eastern bloggers to check out in 2018

The beautiful thing about Instagram is seeing imagery from all over the world. For fashion lovers its an experience, a journey, and a chance to travel across the earth from the palm of your hand. For people who have family overseas, who have lived overseas, and who consider themselves international citizens, it can be a welcome retreat or a welcome home. Arab and Muslim culture is gaining momentum in becoming a regular part of American and Global art and media. With the rise of social platforms we get a glimpse of peoples personal stories. Their characters and personality give a face to a culture widely misunderstood. I have compiled a list of my favorite middle eastern bloggers, here and abroad. Some are high fashion, some are super cool , some speak spoken word poetry, some are so happy its contagious!


Karen Wazen – @karenwazenb Instagram YouTube Blog

Karen Wazen is a mother of 3 (1 boy twin girls) under 3. She’s glamorous, likable, gorgeous and humble. She regularly posts pictures of her travels and her children. She also shares clips of her adventures on her vlog on YouTube.


Marriam Mossali – @shoesanddrama Instagram Blog

Marriam Mossali is the queen of middle eastern fashion and media. She is the creator of Niche Arabia, a luxury consulting firm with high end clientele. Shoes and Drama is a blog filled with gossip and fashion news. Her feed is funny, entertaining, and informative.


Jessica Kahawaty – @jessicakahawaty Instagram

Jessica Kahawaty is an Australian born Lebanese model, TV host, and charity worker with an education in law. She recently traveled to Bangladesh on behalf of UNHR to bring attention to the Rohingya crisis. Her style is fabulous and she uses her public persona for bringing attention humanitarian causes.


Saufeeya Goodson – @feeeeya Instagram

Feeya is a North Carolina girl living in Dubai. She creates high fashion content with modest clothing. Her feed is colorful and beautiful.


Diala Makki – @dialamakki Instagram

Diala Makki is a tv producer and host on Dubai TV. She loves high fashion but also shares important stories on women’s issues around the world.


Rads Al-Meshlahi – Instagram YouTube

Rads Al-Meshlahi is a Canadian Yemeni with colorful content in a modest hijabi style. The imagery is beautiful and her style is classy and effortless.


Alanoud Badr aka Lady Fozaza – Instagram  Brand

Lady Fozaza is such a cool girl she cant help it. She has killer style and her own line of blazers. Her shoes are amazing.


Muna Khalaf The Raw Edge – Instagram Blog

The Raw Edge is exactly that, super edgy imagery and style. She is a recent recipient of the Notable Life “Style Influencer of the Year” award.


The Abduls – Thana and Sakhaa Abdul Instagram

The Abdul sisters Thana and Sakhaa have the coolest street style. These two Saudi sisters who are based in London, founded coded nation, a clothing line.


Sara Laila Vawda – Instagram YouTube

Hijabi girl style based in Pittburgh. She has a down-to earth, affordable, comfortable everyday style with great heartfelt captions. She also practices spoken word poetry on her You Tube channel.


Happily Amira – Instagram  Blog

Amira is a Tunisian and Moroccan mechanical engineer with a love for fashion. Her style is colorful and happy against a backdrop of Casablanca and Paris. Amira’s feed is full of inspiring imagery with classic tailoring. Plus she’s always smiling!


Aya Barqawi – Instagram  Blog 

Aya’s style is minimalist and modern with clean lines and classic looks. Aya is a fashion blogger and content creator turned designer. Based out of Amman, Jordan she is in the process of launching her own line @byayabarqawi.


Omaya Zein – Instagram  YouTube

Omaya manages to be bubbly and likable even through a screen. Her smile is contagious and her YouTube videos are funny. She showcases a lot of traveling with her husband. Her warm personality is easily accessible and you feel like you’re hearing news from an old friend.


Zainab Mabizari – Instagram

Zainab is an Algerian American medical student based in Texas. Her photos captions are long, heartfelt, and inspiring to which she shares her journey on becoming a doctor.


Nabileh Kariem Peck – Instagram

Nabileh is a student studying fashion design based out of Cape Town, South Africa. Her style is elegant, colorful, minimalist. She manages to pull off oversize silhouettes with her petite frame.


Dina’s Days – Instagram  Blog

Dina is actually a childhood friend of mine I met in Jordan in the late 90’s. We stayed in touch as pen-pals before the rise social media. Dina is based in Ohio and is a master thrifter. She makes a habit of ‘thrifticating’ and ‘thriftspiring’ celebrity styles with thrift store finds. Her style is colorful, classic, and fun.


Negin Mirsalehi – Instagram  Blog  YouTube  Brand

Negin is one of Instagram’s top influencers and has created a multi-million dollar company around it. She recently won Influencer of the Year at the Revolve awards. Her hair care line, Gisou, is created with honey and bee products inspired by her father, a beekeeper and her mother, a hairdresser. Her images are stunning, the locations are magnificent, and the clothing is high end.


Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco – Instagram  Blog  Brand

A former political journalist turned fashion blogger turned clothing designer. This Lebanese blogger and designer is based in France and has created a line of cotton tees with simple sayings that show her love of words. Her style is classic french girl chic.


Please let me know about your favorite Middle Eastern bloggers!



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