10 Statement Coats to Shop January Sales

Winter clearance is a great time to shop those more expensive items that might not fit into your everyday style. Coats especially are a great deal when they are on sale because they are more expensive but last a long time with the least amoount of wear on the fabric. Statement coats are a key accessory that you may think you will not wear very often but as you incorporate them into your wardrobe you will see they can carry into your everyday style. Statement coats are also a great investment because the same styles do come back around and you may be pulling out a coat every day one winter that you purchased five years ago. I’ve made a list of key styles to look for when browsing winter clearance.

Animal Print

You would be surprised at how much I have been wearing my animal print coat this year. I bought one 5 or 6 years ago from Marshall’s and this winter I finally got the courage to just wear it with confidence. It matches with everything!



I have always wanted a red coat. Red is great because you can play it up during the holidays but it can also transition afterwards into February and March as a nautical winter look for spring.



Yellow is another great bright color I have always wanted. Yellow is really popular this season and its one of my favorite colors to wear so I plan to stock up. Yellow is a ray of sunshine that will break up those winter doldrums. Most people are scared to wear yellow so you will always stand out in the crowd.



This pink coat adds class to any outfit and the belted look is great to throw over any dress. This pink is a nice light shade to break up the sea of dark coats and is great for spring, because we all know it can still be really cold in through March and April.



I love winter white I used to have this great cream colored puffer when I was in my early twenties. Throwing a white coat over any outfit is a great way to add brightness to your winter wardrobe without wearing color.


Fun Faux Fur

There has been a lot of brightly colored faux fur this season and its so fun! This striped coat is a steal at under $100 and the colors would really match with anything.



Sadly I missed the teddy train this year, all these coats sold out right away, and understandably because they are so cozy! I especially like this teddy with pink sleeves because its different from the sea of browns that we have been seeing in this style. Still available!



I love the mixture of textures on this coat and the colors still allow it to be neutral for everyday. The crop style adds some edge to an everyday outfit and the plush faux fur keeps it warm and cozy.



I have seen this moto jacket everywhere and I can’t believe its still available! It comes in a bunch of different colors and its perfect for spring. This jacket will always be in style and the suede is a nice touch.


Long Puffer

I have always wanted a long puffer coat for those extra cold winter days. Usually they are the more expensive style of coat but this one under $150! This is another style that polishes your look while keeping you warm. Its great for wearing over dresses over the holidays also. Sometimes I worry I am too short for a long coat but a monochromatic look can actually elongate your frame.


If you default to a tee and jeans everyday like me, a great coat and good shoes can really elevate your style and polish your look. Investing in a good coat and shoes during winter clearance can carry you through your everyday style and still keep it comfortable and functional.