I Want Belt Bags to Happen

Ever since I saw Santoshi Shetty ( insta @santoshishetty) rocking her red Gucci belt bag, I’m obsessed.



I have been patiently searching the internet for some affordable and stylish knockoffs. There aren’t many. My husband is convinced it will NEVER happen. I disagree. Its like the cross-body updated. Its hands free whats not to love? I think that as long as it looks more like a structured purse or wallet as opposed to a softly structured fanny pack, it will be stylish.

I started rocking a cross-body purse in my late 20’s when I was always on the go with exciting single person activities. Then I had kids and a cross-body was essential. How are you supposed to hold everyone’s hand, your coffee, and rogue toys and accessories? The belt bag is similar to a cross-body in allowing you to be hands free with the kiddos. With my first kid I carried a lot more snacks and accessories but once the second kid came I just leave a diaper and wipes in the car.

I have been wearing a larger purse for winter and we all know what happens when you wear a bigger purse, you carry more stuff. I think a belt bag would be great for spring and summer, just the keys, some cash, and my phone. Especially if you’re a single person, (single meaning someone that does not have children hanging on them) it would be great for clubs, shopping, festivals, bars, and sightseeing.

I do wonder how it would work out if you had to carry your toddler on your hip. My toddler already manages to stick one of her feet in my purse or wrap it around the strap making me look like an idiot and drop everything when I put her down. Ha! I feel like a belt bag could go either way with kids on the hips, either it would be out of the way and stay in place and be more convenient, or it would just slide down. I’m gonna try it this spring!


Vitorias Gift on Amazon

This is cheap ($15.99) and comes in 14 different colors and styles. Sometimes with trendy fast fashion, its better to buy low cost to try it out first. It does have good reviews.


Guess Laser Cut on Amazon

Also a steal ($19 down from $68) its a great light color for spring and summer.


Quilted Red Topshop from Nordstrom

This is probably the closest replica without being a blatant knockoff. I think this one is my favorite. $52


Rebecca Minkoff

This one is also on sale $58.80 down from $98. Its classy and structured.


Red Quilted Steve Madden from Macy’s

This is another similar one to the red Gucci. It has great reviews and the purse can be removed from the belt. $45 also available in black.


Round Michael Kohrs Logo

I love the shape of this one! Who could ever mistake it for a fanny pack? Lol. $88


Free People Cecile Belt Bag

This comes in 4 colors, 3 of them suede, at $48. Reviews stating it fits IPhone plus.


So what do you think? Do you think it will stick? The less I have to carry the better. I don’t even know how to carry a regular purse anymore. I love the idea of a structured belt bag instead of a floppy fanny pack. Have any of you tried this style yet?


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