Shiny Black Bad-Ass Boots

My Inspiration that I have been seeing all over Instagram are these super shiny lace-up combat boots with heels. I have been meaning to find some affordable options. I know we are all looking forward Spring but these versatile boots can add some edge to all the pastels and lace. They would also be great in the changeable weather.

Here is the original Louis Vuitton which is sold out:


and here are some similar versions available at Louis Vuitton now…

louis-vuitton-laureate-platform-desert-boot-shoes--AD8U3BSC02_PM2_Front viewlouis-vuitton-rockabily-ankle-boot-shoes-adrq1hpc02_pm2_front-view.jpglouis-vuitton-star-trail-ankle-boot-shoes--AE5Q2HGZ02_PM2_Front viewlouis-vuitton-wonderland-ranger-shoes--AAWQ1BPC02_PM2_Front view (1)

Here are some affordable and more casual options. (I’m not really a fan of heels while I’m responsible for little people, but I will include some for date night)


Jeffrey Campbell – probably the best replica


Jeffrey Campbell – just really fun


Seychelles A smaller heel for everyday


Kenneth Cole


Sam Edelman these remind of early 2000 a little – only $105 right now


Timberland – oh yeah this is why I’m reminded of early 2000


Capezio – $72 very cool


Steve Madden


Dolce Vita


Dirty Laundry

I also saw someone rocking shiny black docs the other day which is also inspiring for a similar everyday look.


Doc Martens


Heeled Doc Martens 

I like the shiny black lace-up look, its a nice alternative to rain boots, a little fancy but still functional.


I have my favorite lace up Roxy boots that are canvas and have more gray tones in them, but I like the patent leather look its a nice little update that adds some shine to your everyday.

My original inspiration @jessicakawahaty ♥ Check out her Instagram!









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